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Reverse Mortgage Process

The whole process starts with a phone call. Give Reverse Mortgages of Southern California a call at: 323-484-4326 (HECM). During this phone call we will discuss any concerns that you may have about reverse mortgages and answer any questions.

After we have addressed any questions, we need to determine if you can qualify. These are the basic factors to determine qualification:

  • Age
  • Principal place of residence
  • Existing mortgages on property


We will discuss these factors and other factors involved to see if you will be eligible for a reverse mortgage. After we have figured out if you qualify, we will take a look at your living situation, your needs and your goals. From this we will try to determine if this is the best solution for you

After a phone conversation, if you wish to proceed with obtaining a reverse mortgage loan then you will need to go through independent third party counseling. This is required by law. It is a required safeguard that has been set so that seniors fully understand the benefits of a reverse mortgage loan.  Click here to search for a HECM Counseling Agency.



If after counseling, you decide apply for the loan, our experts will be there to walk you through the entire process. We will help you with all of the paperwork and the necessary documents. We will be with you every step of a way. Give Reverse Mortgages of Southern California a call to begin your consultation today.