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Our History

Gregory BeckerThe Natural Fit: Experienced Mortgage and Elder Law Professional

Our owner, Gregory I. Becker, started off his career as a litigation lawyer. He worked mainly with cases involving elder care providers and retirement home abuse. During this period in his career, he became sensitive to elder care issues and the needs of seniors.

After several years, Mr. Becker soon realized that his career in litigation, made it difficult for him to spend time with his family. Due to this fact, he moved into Wills, Trusts and Probate law. During this time, he earned his real estate brokers license and became passionate about working with the elderly, their financial advisors and their CPAs. He wanted to ensure that seniors would be provided for during this period of their lives.

During his time as a Wills, Trusts and Probate lawyer, he was skeptical about reverse mortgage loans because they tended to have an unfavorable reputation. But the first reverse mortgage loan he helped a senior receive changed his opinion. His client, the client’s financial planner, the client’s sons (both MBAs), and Mr. Becker reviewed the client’s financial situation and determined that a reverse mortgage loan was his client’s best option. After this experience, Reverse Mortgages of Southern California began.

Mr. Becker uses his years of experience in law and real estate to guide his team. He works to assist seniors with their questions about reverse mortgage loans and is constantly looking for ways to help his clients.